"Rising from the ashes"


No matter what your need we will devise a personal plan to you. We offer a multitude of services from injury assessment through to Rehabilitation programmes and personalised fitness packages.

Injury Assessment

Initial assessment is a consultation session to identify how your injury occurred. This will help identify which of our many treatment pathway services are best suited to you.


Rehabilitation Plans

The rehabilitation plans are a combination of Strength, Cardiovascular and Mobilisation exercises. Each 'Rehab' session consists of an initial 40 minute session where each exercise will be explained and demonstrated throughly. 

After the initial consultation  the guided Rehab sessions will be one-2-one each week. 

£15.00 per session

GP Referral

Our GP Referral Scheme is currently unavailable due to COVID-19. For more details please contact us.

If you still wish to book a private session please contact us.

Kinetic Taping

Kinetic taping is an elastic therapeutic tape which is designed to facilitate the body’s healing process while providing support and stability without restricting the body’s range of motion.

Our Sport taping techniques can be used to support weak or injured joints.

Prices are dependant on application.


Fitness Instruction

Our personalised fitness programmes are available for children aged 8 years + and adults.

The initial session is devised around setting out your fitness goals. This allows us to tailor the fitness program around them goals.   

£30 per session

Rehabilitation Package

This pre-paid course entitles you to 12 x 60 minute rehabilitation session's with your program being tailored to you.

Whether you require a 12 week programme of one session per week or a condensed 4 week program of a maximum of three session per week.